Is A Foul Smelling Yellow Discharge Have To Do With Herpes?


Asked by turtlelover958

Is A Foul Smelling Yellow Discharge Have To Do With Herpes?

I am 23 and just tested for genital herpes. I've been having this very watery foul smelling yellow discharge; does this have to do with having herpes?


Hi turtlelover,

Thanks for posting your question. I am not a doctor, so I cannot give medical advice, but because I have herpes I think I can help you.

Discharge can vary greatly from person to person, so it's hard to say whether the smelly, yellow discharge you have can be attributed to herpes. It could very well be due to a bacteria infection. But the fact that you have a change in your discharge does mean something is wrong. Yes, typical herpes symptoms do include a watery, foul-smelling discharge, but not always.

It sounds like you've already been to a doctor, so that's good. I think the only thing you can do now is to wait for the results. If they are negative, you may want to get tested again, or ask to be tested for bacteria infections. I recommend you look at the Herpes Symptoms page as well as the Causes and Risk Factors and Genital Herpes Basics pages for more information.


Answered by Penelope James