Free Online Tests and Games to Strengthen Your Brain

Patient Expert

I want to share these links with you that I discovered-to some fun online brain-teasers (tests and games) that help to strengthen brain function and memory:

And here's one from the Alzheimer's Association:

I have been enjoying them for hours and am very happy to report that my brain is still working-phewww

I worry sometimes that since I had two parents with Alzheimer's disease, I need to do everything I can to help prevent it being in my future. The current research says that exercising the gray matter does make a difference and may delay onset, so we should all get into the habit of playing games, doing cross-words and always learning new things. If you discover any other links to tests or games we should know about, please let us know!

When I had six month of dense-dose chemotherapy for my breast cancer in 2004, I experienced a real syndrome that most patients get, short-term memory loss called "chemo-brain," which is very upsetting. After all treatments are completed the patient's memory is supposed to gradually start coming back, but mine seemed to linger longer that most. Probably because on top of the chemo and radiation I had six surgeries with anesthesia and major complications in the two year period, which isn't great for the brain either.

I was actually thrilled to burn only one cooking pot in 2006 (when I completely forgot and left the stove on and went back to my desk to work), versus four burned so badly I had to throw them away during the previous two years. Each time I just can�t believe I could have possibly forgotten, and AGAIN! I cried and cried. Now I always use a loud buzzer timer EVERY time I turn on the stove or oven, but I still don't dare light a candle. I'm not quite THAT sure yet.

Having short-term memory lapses has been very scary but also so enlightening as to what it really feels like to be starting to develop dementia and the terrifying fear of losing your memory and clear mind. I will never take it for granted again. And since I am a national speaker on Alzheimer's and memory because of my parents, I feel even more qualified to discuss what it feels like for victims. But unlike those stricken with Alzheimer's, I have lived with the knowledge that my intermittent memory lapses would (most likely) gradually go away and clearer thinking would eventually return.

SO, I just can't tell you how much relief I am feeling right now from doing the tests and games and finding out that my mind is working great at the moment-and that I really am OKAY!

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