Frequency Of Migraines After Having Lasik Surgery


Asked by kkheff74

Frequency Of Migraines After Having Lasik Surgery

Migraines & lasik surgery, are these connected in any way? I have had lasik surgery probably 6 years ago. I have an increase of migraines over the past few years and was wondering if they are related to the lasik? Has anyone else had this problem?


Sometimes, the stress that surgery puts on our bodies can make us more susceptible to our triggers. Other than that, I know of no correlation between Migraines and lasik. YOu said the lasic was six years agi, and your Migraines have increased over the last few years. Does that mean that there was a significant period of time between your surgery and the increase in your Migraines? That makes it even less likely that there's any connection.

Our Migraine patterns and frequence can change over time for no apparent reason. It's time to check in with your doctor about your Migraines.

Please keep me posted?


Answered by Teri Robert