Frequest Sneezing And Chest And Back Pain


Asked by pradeep

Frequest Sneezing And Chest And Back Pain

I am suffering from frequent sneezing for the past 8 months. I am eating allergic medicine; "Uniair L" is not helping. Now I feel pain in my mid ribs, shoulder, back bone, and I have swelling in both ankles. Please suggest why this is happening. I am 30 yr old female.


Hi Pradeep:

I suggest you be evaluated by a physician. There are several things that need to be assessed to determine what may be causing your symptoms. Are the swelling of ankles new since starting Uniair? Could it be caused from the medication? Or are you having any heart, blood pressure, or kidney problems that is causing the swelling? Also the new symptom of pain in the ribs, shoulder and back bone, that can mean several things...infection, heart concerns, sore muscles, etc...

Take care,

Tara, RN

You may also check out this link to help understand: Check Your Symptom.

And you may contact your pharmacist to learn about the side effects of Uniair L.