Fructose tells brain to keep eating

Not all sugars are created equal.  A study from Yale University found that foods made with the sugar fructose might cause people to gain more weight than foods made with the sugar glucose.  The reason lies in the brain’s response to the two sugars.

According to the research, when the body consumes glucose, the brain responds by decreasing the activity in the hypothalamus – a region of the brain that regulates appetite and reward.  But, when the body consumes fructose, the hypothalamus continues working as if you had not eaten anything.  As a result, the brain does not tell the body to feel full and you continue to eat.

These findings are based on the brain’s response to the two sugars in their pure form.  So, it is hard to say how these findings play out in every-day circumstances because most foods – especially processed foods – contain a mix of both fructose and glucose.  But we do now know is that the brain seems to respond very differently to the two sugars.

Sourced from: Live Science, Fructose Sugar Tells the Brain To Keep Eating