Frustrated-are These Symptoms Of Ms Patients


Asked by frustrated mema

Frustrated-are These Symptoms Of Ms Patients

really having a hard time getting having leg cramps in the muscles,severely painful,and a rubber band type sensation around my mid section like my bra is way to tight but its on the inside,feet bottoms feel as though they are brused first thing in morning and if i sit to long,eyes hurt and blurry..drs have done multiple tests and still no answers,,,i have high crp levels,high adolase levels and high factor 7 levels,brain leassions on mri of brain,head fog is terrable,pain sensation in arms,muscle weekness,cant sleep,mood swings up and down..this is getting worse and cant get answes..drs have susspected ms,lupas and im really asking if this is symptoms ms patients have .or test that were positive for you...Trying to do some reserch for myself to get some answers


Hi frustrated mema,

Your name says it all. Frustration, which leads to stress, and more frustration.

It sounds as if you have been through the ringer. I remember how it felt to have so many symptoms and no answer why. Cathy gave you good advice, but let me add a couple of links.

I am not a doctor, but the tightness aroung your mid-section soundss like MS Hug. Here is a story from the MS patient perspective that she calls "The MS Hud Demystified." I hope this helps.

Here is another about Disorders that Mimic MS. This may give you an idea why it is taking so long. The doctors want to be sure it is MS before they say it is. It sounds as if you have seen enogh of going to new doctors, so I hope it does not take too much longer to find out if you have MS or one of these other conditions.

I hope this helps ease your frustration. Good luck.

Answered by Vicki