Frustrating, Exhausting Migraine Symptoms - Nausea

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A migraine attack can include a huge constellation of frustrating, exhausting symptoms. Which symptoms impact us more than others varies from one person to the next and from one migraine attack to the next.

Nausea is a very common symptom of migraine that can occur during the prodrome, aura, and headache phases of a migraine attack. It can occur during only one phase, during two phases, or during all three phases.

Up to 50 percent of migraineurs have reported experiencing nausea during a migraine attack. It's not just frustrating and exhausting. Nausea can significantly impact us in other ways:

  • Nausea adds to the burden of migraine disease and impacts quality of life.
  • It can delay the action of oral medications.
  • Nausea sometimes leads patients to delay taking their acute migraine medications, which results in them not working as well.
  • The nausea and vomiting of a migraine attack can actually be dangerous since some patients think that if they vomit after taking medications it means that they should re-dose because the medication didn't stay down. This has resulted in at least one death.
  • Severe nausea can be debilitating, especially when accompanied by vomiting.
  • Severe nausea can also be dehydrating when it leads us to avoid drinking enough fluids or if it results in vomiting.

Do you experience nausea during a migraine? If so, please post a comment below, and share with us how severe it is, how it impacts you, and how you combat it.ou can read more about the nausea of migraine and it's impact in:* _ Where Does Migraine Nausea Originate? A PET Scan Study

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