Can Fungal Infections Of The Fingernails Be Passed On To My Vagina


Asked by Sandra

Can Fungal Infections Of The Fingernails Be Passed On To My Vagina

I have met a man who says he has a yeast allergy which effects his finger nails and under arms and moist areas of his body. I do not think he is being honest with me, I have looked up his condition on the internet and it doers not exsist, the most likely cause is a fungal infectio called candida. I am reluctant to go to bed with him, as I do not want his fingers near my vagina if this can be passed on to me, or cause me to have fungal infections of the vagina or elsewhere. Can you help please.

He keeps his nails cut very short, there is white at the ends of his finger nails. He looks very clean, but I do not want to put myself at risk, it is getting to the point where I will have to say yes or no.


Hi Sandra,

Fungal infection of the nails, called Onychomycosis, affects 6-8% of Americans. Different types of fungal organisms may infect the nails of the feet and toes. Candida is a common one, which may also cause vaginal yeast infection.

The toe nails are more often infected vs. fingernails. Nail fungus may spread to other nails on the hand or feet, and to other people. I do not know how much of a risk there is of transmission from the fingernails to vagina. The type of fungi that infect toe and fingernails grow very well in dark and damp areas (unclean shower stalls, locker rooms etc.).

Your friend stated that he has yeast allergy. Yeast allergy is not the same as yeast infection. Yeast allergy is not a contagious disease. That said, your description of his problem is unusual for yeast allergy (involvement of fingers, underarms and moist areas).

If you have more questions regarding allergy or skin infections please post them.


J. Thompson, MD

Answered by James Thompson, M.D.