Fungal Infections Pose Serious Threat

According to researchers, fungal infections are responsible for more human deaths every year than malaria—worldwide, over a million people die from them each year—and there's a dire need for better treatments. Currently, a new strain of fungi is causing serious outbreaks in hospitals in England.

Fungal infections can be serious in people who have a compromised immune system, such as those living with HIV and other chronic conditions and those undergoing cancer treatment. Of the more than 5 million types of fungi, the 3 most common infections are Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, and Candida.

A strain of Candida auris, which was first detected in 2009 in Japan and has now caused an outbreak affecting 40 patients in one English hospital has health officials worried. According to Public Health England, the fungus is "unlike other pathogenic yeast species in its propensity for transmission between hospital patients" and is resistant to first-line anti-fungal drugs. This situation is being closely monitored.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: BBC, Fungal infection 'threat' to human health