Can Your Gallbladder Cause An Irregular Heartbeat?


Asked by Arianna

Can Your Gallbladder Cause An Irregular Heartbeat?

I've been having irregular heartbeats (skipped beats, fast heartbeats) along with chest pains. My heart doctor wanted to rule out the possibility of gallstones, and come to find out my gallbladder is impacted with stones. Would gallstones cause the above heart problems?


A lot of times when a person's body is under stress (or pain), it can cause heart palpitations. So I can see how having the underlying condition of gallstones could cause temporary heart palpitations. Gallstones can also cause radiating pain, which in turn it can feel like chest pain but is actually from your gallstones.

I am not certain if that is the case with you or not. I would visit with your doctor further to see what his/her thoughts are to make sure your palpitations are not serious. If they are not serious and you are going to have surgery, you can see if your symptoms subside after surgery.

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