Gaps discovered in breast cancer research

An article in BioMed Central’s journal Breast Cancer Research identifies what it says are 10 major gaps in breast cancer research and five solutions. More than  100 U.K. breast cancer specialists, scientists, and health care professionals reviewed an array of issues and challenges regarding breast cancer research, prevention and treatment.

Some of the gaps they found included understanding genetic and epigenetic changes in breast development during cancer, executing lifestyle changes via diet, exercise and weight management, and how to optimize treatment for personal therapy. Solutions offered to these problem areas included improving patient involvement with clinical trials and creating a comprehensive structure to support breast cancer research.

The last time a U.K. group reviewed the gaps, it led to massive changes in breast cancer research and the creation of the U.K.’s first multi-center, breast-specific tissue bank. Similar improvements are hoped for this time around.

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Sourced from:, Critical Gaps Discovered in Breast Cancer Research