Gas Fter Eating Chicken And Turkey


Asked by Mary Lee

Gas Fter Eating Chicken And Turkey

Gas After Eating Chicken I find that after eating chicken (and this is organic chicken without antibiotics, etc.), I suffer from terrible gas. This has worsened since my diagnosis of microscopic colitis 2 years ago. Sometimes turkey will do the same. Does anyone have any thoughts as to why?


Mary Lee


Hi, Mary Lee.

Gee; this could be the result any number of things. (And, I'm a vegan, so you probably don't want to know all the that come to mind...)

Here are some suggestions:

--certain spices uniquely used in the poultry recipes you use;

--certain sauces, dressings and/or marinades unique to the poultry dishes you eat;

--certain side dishes that you only eat with poultry dishes;

--the oils or fats used to fry your poultry dishes.

Keep in mind that we can't presume that every food ideosyncracy is related to Crohn's or colitis. Some things just don't "agree" with some people, and there's no good reason why.