Gas Pain Versus Heart Attack Pain?


Asked by Carmela Milbourne

Gas Pain Versus Heart Attack Pain?

Last night I was having pains in my chest that radiated through my back. The only way to ease them was to sit up. I felt nausated and sweaty once the symptoms went away, but I went back to bed.

Was that a sign of a heart attack? I thought it was gas.


Heart attack symptoms are very difficult to distinguish from gas pain, so any chest pain -- particularly when accompanied by sweating or nausea -- should be checked out at an emergency room immediately. Heart attacks can mimic many conditions, including gas, indigestion, and reflux. Here's a more comprehensive list of heart attack symptoms:

The Symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke

Emergency Steps for a Heart Attack

Remember:  any chest pain should be checked by a doctor immediately.  Even if the pain is being caused by something like reflux, reflux that painful is likely doing damage to your stomach, so you should have that treated as well.

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Answered by Amy Tudor