Can You Have Gastric Bypass Surgery More Than Once?


Asked by Tammy

Can You Have Gastric Bypass Surgery More Than Once?

I am 45 and had gastric bypass five years ago. Can you have this done again, or is there some other type of surgery I should result to?


If gastric bypass surgery didn't work the first time, you may want to consider an alternative route with less risk. Bypass surgery only works if you can disconnect from food as your "drug of choice" and that often means years of therapy, setting up a strong boundary system, commiting to daily exercise and recoginizing that even with the surgery - you have a lot of personal responsibility to keep the weight loss off and prevent the gastric pouch from stretching. You may consider cognitive behavioral treatment to help combat any addictions you have to food.

I have heard some people repeat the surgery - with the same dismal results the second time around - because they can't "fight the food battle."   It's also quite costly and insurance will likely not cover it a second time.

I would recommend following a healthy diet, and consider getting long term help from a therapist who works with these issues. Make the most of your first surgery before giving up. Invest in a trainer and dietician, who along with the therapist can hopefully help you to resolve your lifestyle issues.

Answered by Amy Hendel, P.A.