I Have a Gastric Problem. Can Beer Give me a Stomach Ulcer?


Asked by rahman

I Have Gastric Problem , But I Want To Drink Beer. Will Beer Effect My Stomach And Can It Cause Gas Problem And Ulcer In Stomach


Alcohol is often listed as an irritant for reflux and GI issues. Many of us however, find that some things that are "supposed" to bother us don't and some that are supposed to be okay aren't. It is often also a case of quantity. An occasional beer or two may not be a problem but maybe too many or too often may be an issue. At the same time though it's important to take what you eat with the beer into account. Is the beer the problem or the hot wings?

Try to keep track of your symptoms and see what happens if and when you have a beer. That's going to be your best way to figure it out.

Best of Luck - Stephanie

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