Is There Any Generic For Miralax?


Asked by debbie

Is There Any Generic For Miralax?

Under doctor's orders, I am taking strong pain meds and other meds which cause constipation. High fiber diet has not been enough; I have been taking stool softeners, but one Dr. is now recommending Miralax (on a long-term basis). The drug instructions for Miralax DON'T recommend long-term use. Is it really acceptable to take it that way?


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for your question! There are many patients that take Miralax on a long-term basis. As long as your doctor is the one telling you to do it, then there should be no problem with you taking it. Also, to answer you original question, there is a generic version of Miralax available in the prescription form. Miralax is also available over the counter under the trade name Glycolax. The over the counter version works the same way, dissolving a capful (17g) of powder once a day. You can buy the Glycolax version at any pharmacy, most grocery stores, and mass merchandisers such as Target, Kmart and Walmart. I hope this helps!

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