Genetic factors for Alzheimer's identified

Researchers have identified 24 new genes, 11 of which have been confirmed, that may lead to better understanding of the causes of Alzheimer’s disease.

This discovery comes from a nationwide effort to better be able to explain individual susceptibility to developing the disease.

The genetic findings come from the I-GAP (International Genomics Alzheimer’s Project)—the largest international study ever conducted on Alzheimer’s disease. I-GAP collected genetic data on more than 74 thousand patients and controls from 15 countries.

The newly associated genes confirm numerous biological pathways involved in Alzheimer’s and suggest that the immune system is involved in developing the disease.

Findings also reinforce the need for global-scale collaboration of research in order to better understand the causes of Alzheimer’s, which may lead to the development of more effective treatments.

The newly identified genes are “definitely associated with Alzheimer’s,” researchers said, but much more research is needed to better understand how exactly the genes work within the disease.

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Sourced from: Science Daily, Eleven New Genetic Susceptibility Factors for Alzheimer's Disease Discovered Through the Largest Study