Genetic link between pot use and schizophrenia

Researchers from the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London have found common genes in people who smoke pot regularly and those with schizophrenia.

Published in Molecular Psychiatry, the study monitored 2,082 people who smoke pot and their genetic profiles, particularly genes that are related to schizophrenia. People who had the schizophrenia genes were more likely to smoke pot—and more frequently—compared to those who did not have the genes.

The researchers also looked at 1,000 pairs of twins and found similar patterns. Sets of twins that smoked pot had the greatest number of schizophrenia-related genes. Twin pairs where only one twin smoked pot had a moderate level of schizophrenia-related genes. Pairs where neither twin smoked had the lowest risk of schizophrenia-related genes.

One of the researchers said that the relationship between marijuana and schizophrenia may be more complex than originally thought and that more research is needed to better understand any possible link between smoking pot and mental health.

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Sourced from:, Cannabis Habit and Schizophrenia May Have Genetic Link