How Did I Get Genital Herpes On My Buttocks?


Asked by New2This

How Did I Get Genital Herpes On My Buttocks?

I have genital herpes sores on the lower part of my back/upper buttocks. I know you shed and can trasmit through the sores, but could I also be shedding from my vagina since I technically have "genital" herpes?


Hi New2This,

That sounds very painful - I'm so sorry you're dealing with it. According to doctors at NYU, genital herpes enters the body through the genitals, the mouth, or a break in the skin. After the first outbreak, the herpes simplex 2 virus that causes the sores will move to the base of the spine and remain dormant there until the next outbreak. It's not uncommon during an outbreak for fluid from the sores to easily carry the virus (and the blisters it causes) to other parts of the body, including the eyes, mouth, face, and buttocks.

The best way to be sure, however, is to ask the doctor who is treating your genital herpes to check that area.

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Good luck!


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