If I Have Genital Hsv 1 And My Partner Has Oral Hsv 1 Can He Get Genital Herpes From Me?


Asked by Lisa

If I Have Genital Hsv 1 And My Partner Has Oral Hsv 1 Can He Get Genital Herpes From Me?

I am a female with genital herpes. I'm currently waiting for my herpes select test results to determin if I have hsv1, hsv2 or both.

If I have genital hsv1 and my partner has oral hsv1 can he get genital herpes from me? Are his chances reduced since he already has antibodies for hsv1?

I read that If I have hsv2 I can transmit genital herpes to him, however I can't find information anywhere regarding my question. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for posting your question. I am not a doctor, so I cannot give medical advice, but I do have herpes and have been in a similar situation.

It is possible for you to give your partner HSV, whichever type you have, but the chances are smaller than if you were dating someone who doesn't already have herpes. From what I've read, the chances of you giving your partner genital HSV-1 when he already has oral HSV-1 is very small. (Just as it would be rare for you to get your type on your mouth.) It is possible, but it's not likely. However, it's still probably a good idea to protect yourselves as much as possible, especially during outbreaks.

It's funny, I was in exactly the same situation myself just a few weeks ago. I also don't know which type I have and am still waiting to get records from the doctor who diagnosed me several years ago. I wrote about my experience dating a guy with oral herpes - and ran through the scenarios it sounds like you've been through - in the SharePost called Oral Herpes, Genital Herpes, and Dating. You should check it out, it might be interesting since it's so similar to your situation.

I also recommend you check out the Transmission page as well as the Dating and Relationships page to learn more about herpes and how to protect yourselves and each other.


Answered by Penelope James