Get a Smaller Waist with Isometric Contractions

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**Get a Smaller Waist with Isometric Contraction **

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I Want a Smaller Waist!

My abdominoplasty surgery led to an incredible 8 inches lost from my waist in only three months. Thanks to the tightening of my loose fascia through plication, not only did the surgery whittle my middle, but also the increased tightening of my upper abdomen prevented me from eating as much as I had been prior to the tummy tuck. It was as if my 10-year-old gastric bypass pouch had been retightened. I lost 20 lbs., 6 lbs. of redundant skin and fat were removed, and I lost an additional 14 lbs.

Whereas my core looked like a tree trunk or worse before the tummy tuck, having this new, voluptuous figure has given me the desire to make it even better.  I want an even smaller waist.

To be honest, I asked my plastic surgeon to make it smaller during my next surgery. He told me that the rest would have to come off from exercise. So here are the exercises I will use to whittle my middle.

If this doesn't work, then plastic surgery can always make my butt and boobs bigger, thereby creating the illusion of a tiny waist. That's my backup plan.

Transverse Abdominal Muscle Workouts

I will assume that you already are eating healthy and meeting your nutritional and water intake requirements. If not, you're not likely to see the smaller waist that you desire.

There are several layers of muscles in the abdomen. To achieve the highly coveted tiny waist, we must train our transverse abdominal muscles the deep layer of muscles that wraps our bodies like a corset. So, we will need an exercise routine that maximizes our internal corset. Try the following:

Learn to Vacuum Your Stomach recommends using this method of isometric contraction to develop the muscles in your stomach. It works best on an empty stomach and for people who have a low to moderate bodyfat percentage.

  1. Lie on your back on a firm surface
  2. Reach your arms over your head and keep your legs flat and straight
  3. Begin by exhaling your air
  4. Lift your chest and arch your back
  5. Draw in your stomach for seconds at a time
  6. Continue to try and hold your stomach in for longer and longer periods of time

A variation can be done standing. Now you have no excuse to avoid abdominal training virtually wherever you stand.

  1. Stand upright and place your hands on your hips
  2. Exhale all the air from your lungs
  3. Expand your chest and bring your stomach in as much as possible
  4. Visualize touching your naval to your backbone; flex your groin muscles as if trying to stop the flow of urine
  5. One isometric contraction of "X" seconds is one repetition

Once mastered, the training can be done in a seated or kneeling position, as well as standing or lying down. Also, once mastered, you may do as many as you feel that you are able to do safely. In the beginning of your training, use the following guide:

Training days for the stomach vacuum are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Week 1 - do 3 sets of isometric contractions of 20 seconds each

Week 2 - do 3 sets of isometric contractions of 40 seconds each

Week 3 - do 3 sets of isometric contractions of 60 seconds each

According to this is one of the best exercises you can do to shrink your waistline in a short amount of time, with results of 2-4 inches lost in as little as three weeks. I'm going to give this a try. It sounds a whole lot easier than plastic surgery!

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