Getting and Staying Confident with Psoriasis

Patient Expert

I never thought having psoriasis would be a such an incredible blessing in my life. I’m at a point in my psoriasis journey (going on 15+ years) where I can honestly say I am confident and comfortable in my own skin. Yes, it is possible!

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the negative aspect of having psoriasis: flare ups that won't go away, working around injection or light therapy sessions that can’t be missed, misinformation about the five different types of psoriasis. The list goes on.

But my psoriasis philosophy has always been “psoriasis doesn’t define me, I define who I am.” I continue to live by these words to this day. If I’m feeling down because of a flare up or just having an off day, I always write down something that I am grateful for in my life. Once you start doing this, the negative thoughts will be few and far between.

It’s also important to have an honest and open conversation with your dermatologist about how you’re doing in your psoriasis journey. Your dermatologist should be as invested in how you’re doing with your treatments and how it directly affects your self esteem.

Dr. Ava Shamban is a popular dermatologist seen on The Doctors and Extreme Makeover, as well as an active spokesperson for Bellafill acne scar and wrinkle medication. She says it’s such a privilege to her to help people feel good in their skin.

“When you look at yourself and your skin looks better then you feel better, and when you feel better your self-esteem is stronger, so you make better choices in your life.”

She adds that since there are so many different options now for treating psoriasis that “there’s absolutely no reason as of 2016 to suffer from psoriasis. If over the counter medications do not work in 2-3 weeks, go see a dermatologist to discuss other prescribed medications.” She continues, “Our options are much better than anything that we’ve ever had before.”

Having a support system within the psoriasis community is also a large part in the road to living a happy and healthy life while living with psoriasis.

_I reached out to my psoriasis family and some psoriasis bloggers who have the following inspirational messages and tips for your positive psoriasis journey: _


“We all know that depression and psoriasis go hand in hand.  With that being said, I gained my confidence back by educating myself about our disease. I made informed decisions on which treatments I wanted to try. I'm happy to say today my skin and joints feel great.  I also dedicate much of my time helping others navigate the rough waters of our disease. I'm very thankful to be a volunteer for the NPF.  I continue to raise awareness each day. The NPF has been such a blessing to the psoriasis community.” Todd Bello of Overcoming Psoriasis


"After much staring and embarrassment, I reached a point of total acceptance. This was MY skin, so I was determined to take ownership of it. Once I owned my own skin and became comfortable in it, no matter what its appearance, I found that people around me started to become comfortable with the appearance of my psoriasis. So it had this very karmic loop effect which was cool. So my advice is to own your skin and find comfort in it, once you do others will follow." Brittany Ineson of Seeing Pspots


“For every one person who doesn't accept you for your disease, there are literally hundreds of others who will love you despite your psoriasis. Sometimes having encounters with negative people can have a serious effect of your life, but you have to remember there are so many others who love you. Constantly surrounding myself with those who love me is what keeps me going.” Alisha Bridges of Being Me in My Own Skin

What's the best piece of advice you've received while on your psoriasis journey? Share below, we'd love to hear!

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