I Have a Burning Feeling from my nose to my head. Why?


Asked by christine

I Have Been Getting A Burning Rushing Feeling From My Nose To My Head,

could this be high blood pressure? I recently had it checked & everything came out great. Ive been getting heartburn, dizziness & blurred vision along with it.Im wondering if I could be diabetic.



Thanks for your question. The burning, rushing feeling described in your question is not typical for high blood pressure. The dizziness and blurred vision can occur in patients with very high pressure readings, but given your previous evaluation was great, doubt this is the case.

Sounds like you need to schedule an appointment with your physician to evaluation and investigate your symptoms. Diabetes can present with blurred vision as well as dizziness. This will be easy for your doctor to check out. He will also take a further history and perform a physical examination and possibly some blood work. Then he will be in the best position to determine a cause.

Best wishes.

Martin Cane, M.D.

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