At 29 Could I Be Getting Hives From Estrogen Levels?


Asked by deborah d c

At 29 Could I Be Getting Hives From Estrogen Levels?

I am only 29 and not sure I could be going through menopause. I have had hives for seven months. I have seen dermotoglogist, allergist, about 10 general physians on top of steroid after steriod, bendrl clartin, allegra, zantac, creams. Recently I have heard about estrogen levels causing hives. When I had my baby I did not have hives the whole preganacy term so I was wondering if this could very well be my cause. Just curios if at my age this is possible, please help me I am going crazy from the icthing and stressed because I am so uncomfortable. It seems hopeless at this point after all the tests and blood work that has been done do you think a panel should be done.


Hi, Deborah, I went searching and tried to find some information that is research-based. I found this on the Partnership for Gender-Specific Medicine at Columbia University: "Hives sometime flare up on a monthly cyclic basis," notes Marjorie Slankard, M.D., Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at Columbia University and a board-certified specialist in allergy and immunology. "When hives occur only at those times, there is a possibility that an allergy to the woman's own progesterone may be the cause. Some people also think there may be an allergy to estrogen, but this is less well documented. With pregnancy, hives improve in one third of women and get worse in a third--so there is a hormonal connection but no consistent pattern. Also, allergies in general have a genetic predisposition. "I recommend evaluation by an allergist or dermatologist if you have chronic hives, because 20 to 30 percent of the time a cause is found. There are a number of systemic diseases or medical conditions associated with hives." I hope this helps! Take care and keep us posted! Dorian

Answered by Dorian Martin