Gifts for Moms in Pain

Health Professional

Does your mom need some pain relief this Mother's Day? Many moms (and women) live with chronic pain. Anyone who lives with chronic pain knows that there are many, many products available that tailor to those with aches and pains. Let's take a look at some gift ideas for moms in pain.

Healing Yoga for Aches and Pains: One of my long time patients has tried many exercise DVD's on the market, searching for a program that she could do without increasing her pain. After many trials, she strongly recommends this DVD. Encompassing all the positive benefits of yoga without the painful side-effects. This gentle program can empower a mom in pain.

Biofreeze: Over the years, many people of told me about the benefits of Biofreeze, a topical pain reliever that is available without a prescription. Available in a gel or a spray, it is nice to have a pain relieving option that is not a pill.

Scentsy: Aromas can be a powerful source of pleasant memories and relaxation. For years, I have used a Scentsy in my office. This safe candle alternative comes with a variety of scented waxes that melt with the gentle heat of a lightbulb, releasing the scent. Upon smelling a pleasant scent, like my favorite, "Green Tea and Cactus", many of my patients have taken a deep breath and said, "Mmmm, that smells wonderful."   A good smell can take your mom to a more comfortable place on a magical, emotional carpet ride.

Herbal Shoulder Wrap: Speaking about good smells, some herbs not only smell good, but also have healing powers as well. Besides providing the benefits of applying heat or cold to a painful area, this shoulder wrap also adds the benefits of some aromatherapy from herbs like White Willow, the original anti-inflammatory, and Chamomile for relaxation. From one of my favorite companies for alternative products,, I might just order one for me and one for my mom.

Body Pillow: For years, mothers and mothers-to-be have benefited from some extra support while lying down with a body pillow. Pregnant women have long adored the comfort of a body pillow to support the growing weight of the baby. But why stop at pregnancy? Moms at all life-stages can benefit from a body pillow to support the weight of an arm, a leg, or both. The only problem is that the significant other might get a little jealous.

Buckwheat Pillow: Years ago, a patient told me about her "Buckie." She could throw it in the freezer or throw it in the microwave. Either way, the "Buckie" was always ready to apply some pain relief. This "Buckie" is a full sized pillow filled with buckwheat hulls. A "Buckie" might become your mother's best friend.

Arthritis Gloves: The hands of a mother can become quite painful from arthritis. One of the little known tricks to relieving hand arthritis pain is to keep the hands warm. These gloves can be worn all day and night. Arthritis gloves are inexpensive, but worth their weight in pain relief.

Bounce Back into Shape After Baby: All new moms should have this book. So much pain can be avoided if the effects of pregnancy (or multiple pregnancies) on a woman's body could be reversed. Neck pain, back pain, pelvic pain and incontinence; these conditions can all be prevented with good post-partum care.   This book also makes a perfect baby-shower gift for the mother-to-be.

Leki Trekking Cane: Many moms like to take walks especially this time of year. However, the joy of walking can be lost when pain affects the legs or low back. Give the gift of walking back to your mom in pain by getting her a Trekking Pole. The increased stability and weight distribution might be just enough to relieve the pain from walking down her favorite garden path.

HoMedics Massager: In honor of my late grandmother who was a shopaholic, I must recommend a self-massager. Years ago, my grandmother bought me one when I was in college and boy did that thing come in handy on those late nights sitting at a desk for hours on end.   Personally, I prefer the massagers that have both heat and massage. Find one that fits your budget, your mom will be grateful for it.

Mother's Day is about showing gratitude to the woman who changed the diapers, drove all over town, and tucked you in at night. Sprinkled with love, these gifts will show her that you care and want to help her ease the pain of getting older.