Glaucoma Meds from a Contact Lens

Contact lenses that gradually dispense medication to the eyes may be the solution to eye drops that are hard to administer properly. This promising new drug delivery system could potentially improve outcomes for people with vision-threatening conditions, including glaucoma. In pre-clinical trials, the method was at least as effective as eye drops, with which dosing often is imprecise.

The study was conducted at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary and the results published in Ophthalmometry. According to researchers, the contact lens delivery system may provide even better results than eye drops when it comes to reducing intraocular eye pressure in patients with glaucoma. It also may improve patient compliance, as the medicine may be easier to administer.

Although contact lenses have been studied as a means of delivering medication for many years, most studies have shown the method to be ineffective because the drugs are dispensed too quickly. Researchers have now developed a lens that provide a more controlled release and are capable of delivery medicine continuously for up to a month.

Image Credit: Thinkstock

Sourced from: ScienceDaily, Drug-dispensing contact lens effectively lowers eye pressure in glaucoma model