Globus Or Something Stuck In Throat?


Asked by Ferny

Globus Or Something Stuck In Throat?

Anyone had globus sensation as a result of something stuck in their throat? My symptoms started a couple of months ago when I got a piece of apple peel lodged in my throat. It feels exactly as if the peel is still there - it moves around, it's prickly and uncomfortable. Sometimes it bunches up on the left and gives me ear pain, too. Trying to cough it out just makes it worse. I am at my wit's end with it. I have now had my throat scoped by ENT docs three times but no one can see anything there! I feel abandoned now, because no one will accept there's a real foreign body present.

The latest ENT doc told me it's probably globus pharyngeus. But it doesn't feel like a lump, it feels like the strip of peel I know I swallowed. How is it possible for a foreign object that feels so large to me to be invisible? If there really is something there, how much longer will it take to break up and be coughed out? Surely it has to come out eventually?

I don't want to go back to the doc until I've given it a few more weeks to settle down on its own. But it's giving me hell. The questions I've asked are probably unanswerable, so can I just ask please, please can you give me any advice on coping with the stress and discomfort that it's causing in the meantime. Your advice would be so welcome... thank you.


Hello Ferny

I know this must feel very uncomfortable for you. What did your doctor suggest as a remedy for this sensation? Anything?

If this provides any comfort...the apple peel would have absolutely dissolved by now. I am not a doctor but I don't think that the apple peel is causing your discomfort now.

Do you have any great stress in your life right now? Any major life events?

I found a web site on [Globus Pharyngeus](globus pharyngeus) and they offer a ton of possible remedies. Are you taking any medications? Do you have any allergies? Have you been told to try any anti-reflux medications? Before trying anything, I would consult with your doctor.

If this is stress related, then relaxation techniques or even an anti-anxiety medication may help.

I hope this gets better for you. Let us know what happens.

Answered by Merely Me