My Glucose Level Was 234 Last Time I Checked Is That Normal?


Asked by Ambera Walker

My Glucose Level Was 234 Last Time I Checked Is That Normal?



Here is a chart from IOH (islets of hope) Diabetes website.

Your bg's are high. I listed the chart for you because you didn't mention what time of day you tested and if this was a post meal or a pre meal testing. Those are very important things to know. If you are constantly seeing high readings you should consult with your physician. If you have any questions please let me know.


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Normal and Target Blood Glucose Ranges in mg/dL for Diabetics Morning (Fasting) 70-99 90-130 (adults) 90-140 (children)

Morning highs may be from the Dawn Effect or the Simogyi Effect. Before Meals N/A Typically:

90-130 adults & older children

100-140 children "Before meals" means 2-4 hours after last meal was eaten. For those on rapid insulin only (pumps), generally by 2 hours you should be in, or close to, target range. Those on shot therapy may not be in range until about 4 hours after their last meal. 2-4 Hours After Meals 70-139 Less than 180 but high enough that hypoglycemia won't result from any "onboard" insulin if testing at only 1-2 hours. Pumpers typically come into target range faster than those on shot therapy (assuming both have given the correct amount of insulin). Ask your doctor when you should test (2 or 4 hours after a meal) Before Bedtime N/A Adults, usually 140-160

Children may have a higher pre-bedtime ranges than adults, up to 180 Have a pre-bedtime snack to help avoid nighttime lows. Note: high-fat snacks late in the evening can cause hyperglycemia (high BG) during the night. Hypoglycemic(1)
(low blood glucose) 70 or lower 70 or lower

Newly diagnosed, and young children often have higher BG target for hypoglycemia (80-100); infants even higher. Treat hypoglycemia anytime BG is 70 or lower. Newly diagnosed may be instructed to treat at 100. Stable, but young children may be advised to treat at 80-90. Bear in mind that 100 is fine 4 hours after eating but 100 would be too low only 1 hour after insulin. Be sure to ask your doctor WHEN (how long after insulin) to treat for hypoglycemia and not just by the BG reading alone. Hyperglycemic (high blood glucose)

200 or higher may indicate diabetes Over 180, 2-4 hours after a meal (2-4 for pumpers, 4 hours for those on shot therapy)

Over 140, morning fasting Test urine for ketones when blood glucose is 240 or higher. Call doctor for care instructions when scheduled BG reading is over 240 more than twice in one day.