Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Guide

by Ginger Vieira Health Writer & Patient Advocate

A gluten-free holiday season can effortlessly include many of your favorites. Whether you prefer to bake from scratch or you appreciate ready-made baking mixes, your Thanksgiving and Christmas can be just as delicious sans-gluten!

In this list, I’ve included products that require zero mixing and measuring. Just pop ‘em in the oven or open the box and eat!

Multi-purpose/all-purpose gluten-free flour mixes

Most gluten-free recipes cannot work without a combination of flours in order to compensate for their lack of gluten. It can be both tedious and expensive to acquire each flour (rice flour, cornstarch, coconut flour, almond flour, tapioca starch, etc.).

For the sake of simplicity, I’ve only included recipes that call for ready-made all-purpose (or “multi-purpose") gluten-free flour mixes, which are easy to find in most grocery stores. Without a pre-made multi-purpose blend, you would need a variety of gluten-free flours to make these blends yourself.

Here are a few brands to look for in your grocery store:

  • King Arthur Flour

  • Cup4Cup

  • Better Batter

  • Betty Crocker

  • Pillsbury

  • Bob’s Red Mill

  • Trader Joe’s

  • Bisquick

  • Pamela’s


  1. King Arthur Flour carries an all-purpose baking mix and a multi-purpose flour mix. Most recipes will call for a multi-purpose mix rather than the baking mix.

  2. If your multi-purpose gluten-free flour mix doesn’t already contain xanthan gum, you’ll want to buy a small amount. (Read the ingredients on your flour mix.) Xanthan gum helps hold baked goods together when gluten isn’t present. You’ll use a tiny amount in each recipe so be sure to buy a small jar. It’ll last a long time!

Gluten-free holiday desserts

Sugar cookies

Low(er)-carb sugar cookies

Despite the name, sugar cookies are one of the few recipes that can be baked very easily with fewer carbs. A recipe that uses almond flour as its primary ingredient is going to provide you with a significantly lower-carb cookie than the rest! As a type 1 diabetic, I needed a fraction of the insulin I’d normally take for a traditional sugar cookie ... even with a powdered sugar glaze!

Chocolate crinkle cookies

Peanut butter blossom cookies



Gingerbread cake & cookies

Chocolate chip cookies


Pre-made pies: You can find these ready-to-go pies in the freezer section of most grocery stores these days!

Pie crusts:

Then proceed with your traditional pie recipe, simply using cornstarch as the flour to mix into the pie filling rather than white flour.

Thanksgiving stuffing

Gluten-free holiday dinner


It’s actually really easy to make gluten-free gravy for your Thanksgiving turkey! No one will notice it’s missing flour. You can literally just swap your white flour for potato starch or cornstarch, and blend well. But if you’d like to go the extra mile, here are some sure-thing gluten-free gravy recipes.


If you’re feeling adventurous, you can make a gluten-free cornbread recipe about a week before Thanksgiving, then basically chop it neatly into squares and let it sit out so it gets stale and crisp. You can also use basic gluten-free white breads from the freezer section of your grocery store.

Dinner rolls

‘Tis the season to be merry ... and gluten-free! Enjoy!

Ginger Vieira
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