Going to My Happy Place

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Hey all!

I thought I would try something new today.   I will alternate my Midweek Muse with "Going to My Happy Place" just to liven things up a bit.

Today I could definitely use a happy place.   It has been a rough week for me so far but I am hanging in there.   I believe everyone has a "happy place."   It is that place inside of you where it is possible to get the warm fuzzies or at least a sense of peace and contentment. When you are depressed you tend to dwell in darkness and bad memories.   So let's try to change that at least for a few minutes a day.

What I had in mind here was for us to share some happy memories, thoughts, or inspirations. This will be our little respite away from the chaotic world.   So leave your worries behind and come and rejuvinate your weary spirit.   This is our special place to get away from negativity and gloom.

Welcome to our Happy Place!

I had written the following awhile ago when I was struggling with allowing myself to enjoy my passions.   One thing which really helps me get through the hard times during my depression is writing.   But there were times where I took this pleasurable activity and turned it into yet another way to be down on myself. My inner critic was ruining my fun.   Have you done this?   I placed so many shoulds upon my creative expression that it was becoming a chore instead of a passion.

Anyways...when I stopped beating myself up I began to feel the joy of writing again and it awakened some wonderful childhood memories.   I hope that this little piece of writing will inspire you to let go and...be free with something you enjoy.

And please add your good memories and thoughts to our "Happy Place."   It would be really cool to hear your stories.

Writing and Riding

Why do we adults make everything work?   You find that you enjoy something...like writing for example...then you put parameters around it. Rules. Shoulds. It has to be this way. Or you have to write so many pages or people have to like it for it to be worthy.

What about writing or exploring your passions for the sheer pleasure of it?

Wheeeeee! Like riding a bike...you don't think about it or over analyze it. You just feel it.

Just like when you were a kid riding your bike after a storm...free and easy...whizzing by the porch stoops...streaming through puddles...lining the street with wet tire marks which would soon evaporate in the mid-day sun. And there was the sweet dewy smell of hope. You couldn't define it back then. You didn't realize what it was you were sensing. It was that feeling you got when you got to go outside after the thunderstorms cleared and the screen door opened to a world that you owned. You didn't know any different. In your childish mind you felt free to create each day as you wished. Fantasy was the lens and so happiness was never out of focus. Exhilaration and downright joy was there for the taking...resulting from the simplest of actions like riding your bike after the rains had cleared.

I want to feel that again.

This why I write.