Good sleep key to memory formation

There's more evidence that if you want keep a sharp brain and a good memory, good sleep habits can make a big difference.

The new findings come from researchers at New York University School of Medicine and Peking University Shenzhen Graduate School, who focused on determining how memory works. The first part of the study involved training mice how to walk on top of a rotating rod. Next, using the method of advance microscopy, the researchers examined how sleep and sleep deprivation affected the animals' brains.

The results showed that adequate sleep was correlated with more connections made between brain cells—a finding which the research team said was previously unknown. The study also showed that during deep or slow-wave sleep phases, the brain replayed activities from earlier in the day. The findings, published in the journal Science, suggest that sleep helps the brain both make connections and form memories.

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Sourced from: BBC, Sleep's memory role discovered