Google AI System Helps Diagnose Vision Problems


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems have already been shown to be effective in the field of vision care. Now, a system developed by Google DeepMind and doctors in the United Kingdom correctly diagnoses eye conditions and provides detailed information about the process used in making the diagnosis.

According to a study published in Nature Medicine, the DeepMind system correctly identified 94 percent of dozens of eye diseases from tomography eye scans as well, as identifying the areas of the scans that led to the diagnoses. In this study, which involved past patient scans at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, the AI system performed as well or better than, top eye care specialists who analyzed the same scans.

The ability of the system to identify scan areas relied on to make the diagnoses is important for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the technology, according to the researchers. In addition to vision problems, AI technologies are being developed to help diagnose or recommend treatments for other conditions, ranging from cancer to neurological disorders.

Sourced from: Nature Medicine