How Long Can Someone With Late-Stage Alzheimer's Linger?


Asked by Kristina

My Grandpa has late-stage Alzheimer's. Can anyone tell me how long someone in late stage can linger there? I just lost 3 family members in 9 months and I don't think I can handle another loss.


Dear Kristina

I am so sorry. It is very hard dealing with one death, but three.

It is very difficult to make any judgement on how long your Grandpa may last because there are so many variants. If he is still physically strong and has no other diseases the severe stage can last weeks, months or even a year or two. There are no rules on Alzheimer's stages.

I am concerned about how you are feeling. Do you have good support and someone/others you can talk to and get support from? If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed then I think you should go and see your family doctor. I am not thinking about medication, rather counseling or as support group.

All my best wishes,


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