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A Letter to My Sister: Gratitude for Girl Talk with RA

Cathy Kramer and her sister Stacey.
Cathy Kramer
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    “For my 50th birthday, Stacey made two trips from Kansas to Illinois to help me celebrate.” -Cathy
    Cathy Kramer

    Cathy Kramer


    Cathy Kramer has been married longer than not and is a mom to two young adults plus an aging border collie. She splits her days/nights between two community colleges as an ESL/ABE instructor. She is a strong believer in gratitude and attempts to leave a smile everywhere she goes. Cathy shares her positive voice as an advocate in the rheumatoid arthritis (RA), chronic illness, and self-care communities. Her ongoing journey with RA can be found on her blog The Life and Adventures of Cateepoo. She often hangs out @cateepoo88 on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

    Cathy is also a Social Ambassador for the RAHealthCentral Facebook page: