What's the Truth About Green Tea and Migraines?

Question: Green Tea & Migraines? Studies Say Stay Away, Others Say It's a Cure All

Asked by Tori

Recently I purchased at Costco, Kirkland Signature, Green Tea, Matcha Blend, The vert, ITO EN, tea bags, not loose. Been getting a lot of headaches. Is there a definitive study? What is your experience?


Hi, Tori,

These days, it seems you can find all kinds of web sites and articles touting green tea as the miracle "cure" for everything under the sun.

I did a search of the medical literature, looking for studies of green tea for Migraine, but found nothing saying that green tea itself has any properties to help with Migraines.

Although generally less than black tea, green tea DOES contain caffeine. Depending on how long it's infused, a cup of green tea could contain more caffeine than a cup of coffee. Caffeine is one of those things that, in the world of Migraine and headaches, is a paradox because it can trigger a Migraine or cause headaches, but when you get a Migraine or headache, it can be helpful.

One thing to keep in mind is that "cure-alls" are, in general, too good to be true.

Hope this helps,


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