Groin Pain After Colonoscopy


Asked by Mpathia

Groin Pain After Colonoscopy

I believe I may have wiped out my question. Computer. I have Fibromyaglia. I have lived with it 1/2 my life. I know pain. I had a colonoscopy 8 mons ago. I began to "collapase" that day. Severe groin pain. Entire pelvic girdle involved, most importantly, my "adductor" mucscles between legs. Could they have forced scope or perhaps moved me incorrectly? I never had this before and it's been too long. My PCP is not helping. What type of "doctor" can I go to? I can only look on internet for possible reasons and closest one is a possible hernia. Never had pain like this and it's taking my life away. Mostly bedridden, in pain and unable to do anything. Cannot stand or sit long... What type of doctor may be of help? I cry so much from this. I can't play with my grandson anymore... I would appreciate any input a all... thank you so much"¦


.Have you ever heard of the something called Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (also called chronic prostatis). It involves idiopathic (unexplained pain) in the pelvic region and can be set off by several different factors including trauma (ie. surgery).

One theory is that the nerves in the region somehow get sensitized (activated) by the trauma or infection or whatever occurred. People with chronic pelvic pain are more likely to have fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome - so your prior history with fibromyalgia may have put you at risk for this disorder, if this is what you have.

Wikipedia has a good page on this disorder that you might want to check out. Good luck in your search!