Gun injuries hospitalize 20 U.S. children a day

Gun violence remains a problem in the U.S. and a surprising amount of it is sending children to the hospital on a daily basis. A study published in Pediatrics found that about 20 children are hospitalized daily due to gun injuries, with 6 percent dying from injuries.

Researchers at the Yale School of Medicine analyzed data from 2009 hospital admittances of people under 20 years old. It revealed 7,391 people were hospitalized due to firearm injuries, and 453 of these individuals died from the injuries. Also, 400 hospitalized individuals were kids under the age of 10.

What’s causing all the gun injuries? The analysis determined 4,559 hospitalizations were from assaults, 270 from suicide, and that accidents caused the majority of injuries for kids younger than 10.

As for the types of injuries, 52 percent were open wounds, 50 percent were fractures and 34 percent affected the thorax, abdomen or pelvis.

Children who survived firearm injuries usually required comprehensive follow-up treatment once they were released from the hospital, such as home care and rehabilitation.

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Sourced from:, Gun-related injuries 'hospitalize 20 children in the US every day'