Hair Around The Areola And Breast Cancer


Asked by Vanessa

Hair Around The Areola And Breast Cancer

hello i was wondering if anyone can tell if hair around the areola is normal? i have hair around my areola and my mother has it as well she shaves hers but i pluck them. i read somewhere that it hair around the areola can cause cancer is this true? some of my hairs are thick others are not. sometimes i even have ingrown hairs and at times they have a little bit of pus. thanks Vane


Hi Vanessa - Hair aorund the areola is totally normal; most women have it to some degree, though it's often so very light and fine that it's basically invisible. It doesn't cause cancer. If it bothers you, you might speak to a dermatologist about it; sounds painful, but perhaps you could consider it having it waxed, which might be better in the long run than plucking the hairs one by one; especially if you find yourself developing small infections (ingrown hairs). Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel