Hair Color Allergic Reaction Treatment


Asked by Veganbaby38

Hair Color Allergic Reaction Treatment

I recently dyed my hair with Ion hair color from Sally's Beauty Supply. Since that time, my face has been itching like crazy. I went to the doctor yesterday and got a celestane (steroid) shot and the itching and redness is almost gone.

What kind of hair dye should I use in the future? Also, is the steriod shot going to make me well?


Hi Veganbaby,

It is impossible for anyone else to tell you what kind of dye to use. There are some formulas that claim to be less allergenic than others, so read the labels carefully. However, if you are sensitive, you could have a reaction to almost any hair dye. Most dyes advise that you do an allergy test before applying the product all over your head. I would be sure to do that test first, following the instructions in the hair dye box. If you have any itching at all, don't use it! You may find that the wash out types of hair color are less caustic and irritating than the permanent dyes, but again a test is advised.

Steroids reduce inflammation, which is the root of all allergic reactions. Since you seem to be responding well to the one shot you got, I would guess that you're on the road to recovery and things should not get worse again. But if they do, be sure to contact your doctor to see what course of action you should follow. Meanwhile, use gentle hair care and skin products on your face until you are sure your allergic reaction is fully resolved.

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Answered by Kathi MacNaughton