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So here we are, managing a precarious balance between what was then and what is now. We are still fragile at this point, and a spill might land us anywhere between a chipped ego or a burning wreck of our self-esteem.

After all, each of us is different. Tough as leather here, tender to the touch there. We are excited, and we are emotional.

The person we were is not far behind while the replacement is sometimes viewed as a surrogate or an imposter, more an actor than a reality. We like the new model but do not always trust it.

The barbs that pierced our personal esteem and self-image are still attached at many levels. Shaking them free leaves bloody little marks from the cruel words and disparaging stares we collected across the years. Things are improving, but much of the hurt is still fresh, and fresh hurt often manifests itself as fear.

Then, as is the case in about 30% of the patients who have had gastric bypass surgery, hair loss begins. We are struggling to maintain a foothold on a slippery slope to improved health and improved physical appearance and now this happens?

My hair begins to fall out. Any good cheer that had been built just stepped out the back door.

Why Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass?

We lose hair daily. It is part of a natural cycle. Now that you know this, I doubt you have given a good fist bump into the air and let lose a cheer. The "natural cycle" is flush with things that do not please us. Let's look a bit closer then.

Following  our gastric bypass weight loss  surgery, our bodies have to adjust to a much lesser amount of calories. This reduction causes a sort of nutrient triage. Only those organs that need nutrients most will receive them. Hair did not make the cut and must learn to do without nutrients.

Furthermore, hair strands retreat into a state of temporary suspension and do not produce new strands. The upside of all of this is that your hair will not fall out completely; it is a temporary condition. I hope there is some solace in that point although mounds of hair in brushes and on shower floors is always unpleasant.

How to Stop Hair Loss After Gastric Bypass

You can take the following steps to slow and stop hair loss after your gastric bypass weight loss surgery.

Make sure you are getting all of your protein, 60 to 80 grams daily. 91 percent of hair is made of protein.

Cutting or trimming your hair is another option. This will allow new growth to maintain the speed of growth with the existing hair.

More nutrients can be sent to your hair   by simply massaging your scalp. Massage with the tips of your fingers and do not massage if your hair is wet.

A wig is an option that can also be considered.

The important thing to remember is that the condition is temporary and any hair loss you may incur is fully reversible. Patients never lose all of their hair and regrowth can be anticipated   3 to 6 months after an increase in proteins. Till then, keep the faith. You success will no doubt require some patience.

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