Half of all Heart Attacks Undiagnosed

A heart attack is always serious. But not always noticeable.

The latest research published in the journal Circulation indicates that up to 45 percent of heart attacks are “silent,” meaning victims may not even know they’ve had an event. Symptoms include unexplained tiredness or pain in the upper body or jaw.

Patients thought they had pulled a muscle or were suffering digestive problems. That’s a problem, because silent heart attacks can do as much damage as diagnosed ones. Silent heart attacks are more common in men, but are more serious in women, as women are more likely to die from this sort of event.

To compile the report, researchers studied health records from 9,500 middle-aged people between 1987 and 2013. Some 7.4 percent of volunteers had suffered a heart attack.

Victims of silent heart attacks should be treated as if they had suffered a diagnosed heart attack.

Sourced from: The Independent, Half of all heart attack victims 'do not realise they have had one'