Half of Healthy Adults Will Have High Blood Sugar

Close to half of healthy 45-year-old adults will go on to develop prediabetes, an elevated blood sugar condition that can lead to diabetes, according to a study at Eramus University in The Netherlands and the Harvard School of Public Health. 

Researchers collected long-term data for close to 10,000 people living in the Netherlands. It included medical records, hospital discharge letters, pharmacy records and fasting blood sugar levels. The team monitored the data for 15 years, and used guidelines from the World health Organization to categorize blood sugar.

After analyzing the results, the team estimated that at age 45, one in two adults would go on to develop prediabetic blood sugar levels before they died, 30 percent would develop full-blown diabetes, and 9 percent would end up taking insulin. Of those who had elevated blood sugar levels at age 45, 75 percent would develop diabetes.

Researchers added that rates of diabetes are sometimes higher in black and minority ethnic populations. 

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Sourced from: Reuters, One in two healthy adults will develop pre-diabetic high blood sugar