Hall of Shame: Shoes That Cause Pain

Health Professional

With so many Halls of Fame, shouldn't there be some Halls of Shame just for the sake of balance? I would like to start a Hall of Shame called Shoes of Pain. Today, I nominate three types of shoes to the Shoes of Pain, Hall of Shame. I nominate: high-heeled shoes, flip-flops and toning shoes.

The first nominee should be shamed back into the closet, never to come out again. High-heeled shoes absolutely wreck havoc on the entire body from toes to head. Oprah calls the three-inch stiletto's "two hour shoes." I say, "Why torture yourself for two hours per day?" Impressing a man is not worth it. Impressing other women really cannot be worth it. I just do not get it. If Oprah really wanted to help women, she would have absolutely denounced this fashion statement.

High-heeled shoes cause so many problems like bunions, foot arthritis, knee and back pain. The misalignment caused by anything over a one-inched heel places stress on all the parts from toe to head. The popularity of heel heels is shameful.

My second nomination into the Shoes of Pain Hall of Shame is flip-flops. That's right baby sister who lives in flip-flops year round: you really need to treat your feet to some well-fitting, supportive grown-up shoes. I just cringe when I see my niece and nephew, following your lead, tripping their way through life in flip-flops. Yes, these types of shoes are just $2 at the local grocery store. But, come on, pain is just not worth saving a few dollars. Without good support from shoes, the tires of our lives, you are greatly increasing your risk of injury to the feet, ankles, knees and low back. Take it from your big sister - the flip-flops have got to go.

Last but not least on my Hall of Shame list are the ever popular toning shoes which may actually go down in history as the biggest hoax of the decade. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission just fined Reebok $25 million for false advertising about the "EasyTone" shoes. Who were they trying to fool with names like "EasyTone" and "Shape-ups?"

Well, the shoe companies fooled millions with claims that these shoes toned your legs and butt while you walk. Not only do these claims prove false, but the toning shoes actually cause painful injuries. Shame on you, Skechers and Reebok, for fooling millions of people with false advertising; you put so many at risk for injuries and pain.

Wearing any of the shoes in Shoes of Pain Hall of Shame can put you at risk to feel pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, and spine. Besides high-heeled shoes, flip-flops, and toning shoes, I am sure we could think of more shoes to put in this Hall of Shame. Please send me your nominations for shoes to put in the Shoes of Pain Hall of Shame.

Here's another tip if you have sore feet: throw away your shoes of pain.