Hands made for punching

The human hand has evolved over time to do many things, one of which may be to improve our right hook.  A study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology suggests that the human hand evolved from an ape hand not only to offer better manual dexterity but also to help us punch more effectively.

Apes have long fingers and very short thumbs that are perfect for climbing trees.  When our early human ancestors left the tress, their hands evolved into the human hand, which has shorter fingers and palms and longer, more flexible thumbs. These tweaks allow the human hand to manipulate small objects but also make a very nice fist fit for punching.  Specifically, the fist of an evolved human hand protects delicate hand bones, muscles and ligaments while providing an excellent weapon during hand-to-hand combat.

The findings reopen a question that has been debated by scientists for years: are humans, by nature, aggressive animals? The authors of this study argue that with our built-in weapons system, human beings are “the poster children for violence” compared to other mammals.

Sourced from: ScienceDaily , Our Hands Evolved For Punching, Not Just Dexterity