Happy Seniors Live Longer

by Diane Domina Senior Content Production Editor

Enjoying life is the key to living longer, according to researchers at Duke-NUS Medical School in Singapore.

Their study involved 4,478 adults over 60 living in Singapore in 2009. The researchers assessed happiness using a survey to determine how often study participants “felt happy,” “enjoyed life,” or “felt hopeful about the future,” in the past week. Then they determined the likelihood of dying from any cause through 2015 among this population.

According to the Duke researchers, 15 percent of happy older people passed away during the study period, while 20 percent of unhappy people died. The likelihood of dying from any cause was 19 percent lower for happy seniors and for each increase of one point on the happiness score, the likelihood of dying decreased 9 percent. These results were consistent in both men and women, and in those 60 to 79 and over 75 at the beginning of the study.

Sourced from: Age and Ageing

Diane Domina
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