Happy marriage can keep you in good health

It's more "in health" than "in sickness" for many marriages – having a happy marriage can positively affect physical health as well, according to new research from Brigham Young University. The study found that couples who ranked themselves as having happy marriages and reported few marital problems (agreeing about money, for example) were found to be in better health than those who had marital conflict.  The study also determined that couples who fight or argue frequently have a negative impact on each of the partners' physical well-being.

In a 20-year study, the researchers followed a sample of 1,681 from across the United States.  The couples were asked to evaluate their marriage quality in two ways – first, in terms of happiness and satisfaction and second, in terms of marital problems.  Study participants rated their health on a one to four scale as well.  The results showed that those with higher marital conflict were more likely to report poor health.

The largest marriage study of its kind, the results show that sustaining a happy marriage inspires good habits, such as sleeping better, drinking less and participating in healthy activities.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, A Happy Marriage Can Lead To Healthy Ever After