Happy newlyweds gain more weight

A happy couple is always preferable to an unhappy one, but there may be a price for marital bliss. According to new research from Southern Methodist University, newlyweds in their 20s who were very satisfied with their marriages gained more weight than unhappy couples over a four-year period.

The study looked at 169 newlywed couples and found that couples who were content with their partners were less motivated to maintain a healthy weight.  The happier the marriage, the more likely you are to pile on the pounds, the research found.  For each "unit" of increased satisfaction in the marriage, the study found a .12 increase in BMI.  For an average woman, this is roughly equivalent to gaining roughly half a pound every six months.

That said, a happy marriage can have other health benefits.  For instance, married couples are more likely to go to the doctor and take medications on time than unhappy couples or single individuals. .

The researchers speculated that those unhappy with their marriages may keep their weight down in an effort to attract a new partner.

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Sourced from: Live Science, Wedded Bliss Ruins Waistlines