I Had A Hard Fixed Kidney Bean Sized Lump In My Right Armpit.


Asked by Kyle

I Had A Hard Fixed Kidney Bean Sized Lump In My Right Armpit.

I am 50. I found the lump in the top half of my armpit; not the crease or lower half. for about three weeks it was the same. Now I seem to have some sort of soft tissue lump. soft and squishy; but no pain at all. I have lifted my arm so many times and checked on this so many times that I have pinched a nerve in my right shoulder blade area; in the back; where your raised arm meets the shoulder blade; so to speak. I cannot find the hard lump anymore. Is this sounding like it is recovering nicely?


Kyle, I'll assume you're pre-menopausal; if so, this could very well have been a combination of hormones (the soft lump) and a small infection (the harder lump). If you can no longer find the harder lump, you can probably assume it's nothing to worry about; as for the softer one, it might be a cyst or, as I mentioned, something hormonal; but it doesn't sound like a typical breast cancer symptom. If the current lump persists longer than a month; or if the hard lump returns, then it would probably be best to see your doctor, just to find out what's up. Take care - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel