Hard Rigid Lump Under Left Breast For 6 Months


Asked by terra

Hard Rigid Lump Under Left Breast For 6 Months

I am a mother of 3 and am 34 years old. I was applying lotion to my left breast around 6 months ago when I found a hard small lump under it. I had just had my pap smear so I called my doctor. She ordered a mamo and ultrasound and nothing showed. I waited a month and during this time it grew larger, from the size of a dime to a quarter. She referred me to doctor and she said I had had this my whole life and I am overreacting. I did not like this answer so I went to see 4 other doctors, each one telling me it was most likely nothing. I asked for a biopsy or to remove it and they all said for me to wait. It has grown so large you can see it when you lift my breast, also it seems to growing legs and is snaking up each side of my breast. I also am having thick green discharge I find in my bra and when I squeeze. I finally demanded it be removed and sent for pathology, which I am having done in 4 days. She said she wont remove the "legs" because she would have to remove most of the underside of my breast, just the main mass. My doctor is making me feel like an idiot and am wasting her time. I know it is most likely not cancer, however, without a biopsy they will never know. I also know that not all breast cancer shows up since it can mimic healthy breast tissue.
Did I do the right thing by pushing to see all these doctors.
The lump is growing fast and is not going down at all, so I know it is not from my cycles. It is hard, rigid and does not move, it almost feels like it hooked on to my ribs. It is also very tender to the touch.
I just want some reassurance, since I feel like I have bothered all these doctors to actually do there job.

Thanks for your time.


Terra, I think you did the right thing in persisting. Once that first doctor dismissed your own observations as invalid, it must have been hard to trust any of them. You knew that lump hadn't always been there, and once it started growing, that fact should have been clear to the doctors as well. If it had been a harmless fluid-filled cyst, it seems that should have shown on the ultrasound. I hope the report comes back that this lump is benign, and that if it does, you won't let your doctors imply that it did not need to be biopsied. Often doctors have valid reasons for why they are sure a scary-looking growth is not dangerous. When that happens, they should take the time to explain why they are not worried. It seems your doctors did not do that. Let us know what the pathology report shows.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson