Have Depression? High Blood Pressure? Regular Sleep Might Help


Most of us know that getting enough sleep is important to stay healthy, but a study from Duke Health and the Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, North Carolina, suggests that regular sleep patterns — going to bed and waking up at roughly the same times each day — are just as important.

In the 10-year study involving 1,978 adults 54 to 93 who had not been diagnosed with a sleep disorder, the Duke researchers found that, compared to participants with regular sleep patterns, those with irregular sleep patterns had higher:

  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar
  • projected risk of heart attack or stroke
  • rates of depression
  • stress levels
  • weight

For the study, participants wore devices that monitored their sleep schedules closely — down to the minute. The results suggest that monitoring sleep regularity could help identify people at increased risk for health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

Sourced from: Scientific Reports